Andres Sevilla


Passionate about programming, finance, and VFX composition

Hi, I'm Andres

I am a student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology studying Computer Science and Engineering (Course 6-3). Information about my work experience and projects can be found below.

Projects & Experience

A few projects I’ve worked on. See more on my LinkedIn.

AQR Arbitrage

– Intern on the AQR Arbitrage and Event-Driven Strategies team during January 2023
– Developed software for backtesting and discovery of novel merger arbitrage strategies

Pixel Camera

– Intern on the Google Pixel Camera Team during Summer 2022
– Developed camera software for upcoming Pixel devices
– More details will be added once these devices are released


– Created an education site ( for TI-84 Plus graphing calculator tutorials, serves 250K monthly users, sponsored by Numworks to review their calculator
– Goal of the site is to introduce students to computer science by “hacking” their graphing calculator


– Created a website ( with “college rejection simulators” which simulate the experience of logging into a college decision portal and receiving a rejection letter – aim was to help high school seniors mentally prepare for college rejections
– Simulated over 2 million rejections, reached an audience of over 3 million via organic viral marketing on sites including r/ApplyingToCollege and TikTok